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    Dual Wavelength Imaging -
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    High Speed, Dual
    Wavelength Image Capture
    100 to 26,000 frames per second

    Fully Integrated Image Capture
    and Ratiometric Analysis Software

  • Hammatsu ORCA Flash 4.0 LT Camera

    EMCCD and SCMOS Range of Hamamatsu Cameras

    Entry Level SCMOS Under £4,000
    Flash 4.0 LT and V3 variants
    30 to 26,000 frames per second

    High speed, High resolution, High Quantum Efficiency

  • CoolLED PE 4000 LED Lighting system

    CoolLed High Performance Microscope Illumination

    16 Wavelengths, Dapi through to Cy7
    Independent Intensity Control over Each Wavelength
    USB Computer Control, and TTL High Speed Switching

    25,000 hour life-time, Under £8,000

  • ASI Microscope Stage Insert

    High Precision XYZ stages for all Microscope Types

    Piezo Z stage

    Heated and Sealed Inserts for Live Cell Imaging Applications

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Digital Pixel can provide a wide range of time lapse solutions based either on existing hardware, new hardware, or a combination of the two.
A typical solution would involve using an existing microscope, supplying an XY stage, new state of the art camera, and environmental chamber to allow the system to function as a powerful wide field time lapse system, capable of acquiring hundreds of experiments over a 1-6 day period.
Typical New System Configuration
  • Hamamatsu Flash 4.0 Camera
  • High Precision XYZ Stage
  • LED Based Fluorescence and Transmitted Light
  • Research Grade Inverted Microscope
  • Comprehensive Control and Acquisition Software
Experimental Outline
  • Mark Multiple XYZ Positions in multiple sample holders using Transmitted Light or Multiple Fluorescence channels
  • Define required fluorescence and transmitted light channels
  • Define independent camera exposure and light intensity for each channel to minimise photobleaching
  • Define Z scan parameter if required
  • Define experimental time constant
  • Data for each position is stored with experimental data - time stamp z position in a single easy to view file.
Digital Pixel are able to supply the very best in camera and beam splitter technology to provide accuracy and flexibility in dual emission experiments. The Gemini beam splitter has been designed with the Flash 4.0 in mind, with excellent image registration and minimal image aberration. Easy in/out filter holders allow easy wavelength selection, as well as a return to full field readout modes.
Hammatsu ORCA Flash 4.0 LT Camera with Hammatsu W-View Gemini

Hammatsu ORCA Flash 4.0 LT
with W-View Gemini

Beam Splitter or Dual Camera Imaging Technology Fully Supported
The Orca Flash Camera boasts a 2Kx2K sensor. In combination with the Gemini Beam Splitter it can image two wavelengths simultaneously onto two halves of the sensor with a resolution of 2000x1000 pixels. Powerful Acquisition software allows the user to independently control the exposure on each half of the sensor to provide précis signal balance to provide easy ratiometric image capture.
  • Real-time Dual Wavelengths - Great for dyanamic processes, removes image intenstiy fluctuations
  • Independent Exposure Control for both fluorescence Channels - Easy to optimise ratios and signal balance
  • Excellent Uniformity of Response
  • Precise ratios across the whole field of view
  • 100 to 26,000 frames per second
Dual Camera Imaging
  • Dual Camera Imaging provides real time image capture with 2Kx2K resolution
  • Optimised Hardware and Software Solution
  • Dynamic Calcium Ratiometric or pH Analysis
  • Calcium Wave Image Capture
  • FRET Image Capture and Analysis
  • Dynamic Dual Wavelength Image Capture
ORCA Flash 4.0 LT/ V3
The Orca Flash 4.0 is available in two versions:
The entry level LT uses USB 3.0 as a computer interface, and does not require a specific camera interface card. With 30fps and three times the field of view of a CCD it is ideal for the majority of imaging applications.
Hammatsu ORCA Flash 4.0 LT Camera

Hammatsu ORCA Flash 4.0 LT

For applications that require high speed, ultra low readout noise or a great QE of 82% the V3 version should be selected. This version will run using a USB 3.0 interface, but can be upgraded to run with Camera Link to provide over 100 fps at full resolution.
ORCA LT Main Features and Benefits
3 times Field of View
30 frames per second
60 frames per second
USB 3.0 Interface

2K x 2K array with 6.5 micron pixels
Full Readout, Easy focusing, Fast image capture
2K x 1K Readout

ORCA V3 Main Features and Benefits
82% QE
3 times Field of View
100 frames per second
25,000 frames per second
2K x 2K array with 6.5 micron pixels
Super Sensitive Performance 350 to 900nm
Strip Readout Modes
Application Areas
  • Whole Organism Imaging
  • Large Field Time Lapse Imaging
  • High Speed Ca2+ Imaging
  • Real Time Confocal Microscopy
  • Ratiometric Imaging
  • Light Sheet Microscopy
Hamamatsu U111440 SCMOS Camera System
  • 2.3M Pixel Sensor
  • 80% peak QE at 480nm
  • 1920x1200 pixels, 5.86 microns
  • Super Sensitive Performance 350 to 900nm
  • 65 fps full frame up to 2,000 fps strip readout mode
  • USB 3.0 Interface
  • Entry Level Price Performance
  • System under £4,000
Digital Pixel recommend the Retiga Range of Colour Camera Systems.
There are three cameras in the product range, all come with a two year warranty and an easy to use software package.
  • Range of Cameras for every application and budget, optimised for colour and fluorescence applications:
  • Powerful Oculus software Included, Easy to use with USB3.0 interface, Fast Readout
Retiga R1 Colour Camera

Retiga R1 Colour Camera

Retiga 1
1360x1024 pixels Pixel Sixe 6.45x 6.45 microns
Similar Resolution and Sensor Size to a standard CCD
Readout 25 frames per second
High QE 75% at 600nm
Cooling -15oC at 22oC ambient
Retiga 3
1920x1460 pixels Pixel Size 4.54x4.54 microns
Similar Sensor Size to a standard CCD, with more pixels
Readout 14 frames per second at full resolution
High QE 75% at 600nm
Cooling -15oC at 22oC ambient
Retiga 6
2688x2290 pixels Pixel Size 4.54x4.54 microns
Larger Sensor Size when compared to a standard CCD
Readout 7 frames per second
High QE 75% at 600nm
Cooling -15oC at 22oC ambient
CoolLED PE4000 LED Lighting System

CoolLED PE4000 System

LED Light Sources
CoolLED PE4000 LED System
  • 25,000 hour lifetime
  • Fully independent intensity control over each wavelength channel
  • Choice of 4 wavelengths in each spectral band
  • Software or TTL switching possible
  • Adaptors available for all major microscope brands

Metal Halide Light Sources
Prior Lumen200 Metal Halide Lighting System

Prior Lumen 200 System

Prior Lumen Systems
  • Broad band excitation across the whole visible spectrum into the infra red
  • 2,000 hour bulb lifetime
  • Fibre Optic Mounting to the Microscope
ASI Piezo stage with Digital Pixel Heated Insert

ASI Piezo stage with Digital Pixel Heated Insert

Prior and ASI Stage Solutions
Digital Pixel can supply a wide range of XYZ systems and solutions from Prior and ASI to meet every budget and performance requirement.
Z focus options range from controlling the direct focus on the microscope itself, through to providing a high resolution
Piezo Z Focus Drive system.

Zeiss, Leica, Olympus and Leica Upright and Inverted microscopes are all fully supported.
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Triple Band Pass filters for triple fluorescence Imaging
Single Filter Sets for High Discrimination Applications
Multiple Band Pass Filters for use with Filter Wheels and CoolLED Light Sources

Almost double your fluorescence signal by upgrading to High Performance ET Enhanced Transmission Filters - Transmission of greater that 97%
We can provide filters to fit any microscope configuration.